Best broadband internet services

By djaffer - January 18, 2018

Internet service and usage has changed wildly over the last few years. More people than ever are on the internet, and more than ever are using the internet to stream television and movies, it makes sense to find the best deal out there. But which is the best for you? It can take a while to find the best internet service provider with the lowest rates and fastest speeds, so you may want to use our research, below, to find what suits your needs best. With all the extra time you’ll save on finding the best provider, you can get back to streaming!  


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AT&T has slowly but surely become one of the top internet service providers in the country. They recently merged with DirectTV so that even people who live in smaller towns across the United States can get the same high speed internet as those in big cities. A slight $40/month will get you the most basic plan, which is pretty darn far from basic when it comes how much data you’re afforded. The plan  includes 1 TB of data, which is quite a bit. And, if you go over your allotted 1 TB, you can add 50 GB onto your bill for an extra $10.

If you’re looking for more of a package, you can save $10/month when you bundle your internet services with another great AT&T deal, such as DirectTV for $65 or DirectTV and home phone for $84.99. There’s no need to pay the extra fees that some companies charge for the equipment; AT&T covers that.

If you’re going the package route, you should also know that AT&T offers a wide variety of associated services, like TV video description and closed captioning for those who have extra accessibility needs. Check your zip code online or on the phone to see if AT&T provides service to your area.


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Verizon FiOS may seem like it came out of nowhere, but it’s been making a name for itself in the cable world. Like Spectrum, they will also buy you out of your existing agreement if you want to switch. Also, their internet is fiber-optic. If you want to skip the internet altogether, and stick with basic cable, Verizon FiOS offers one of the cheapest deals out there: $10 a month gets you 20 channels, so if you generally just watch the news and networks like NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS, then this might be your deal. You can also choose to customize your package by choosing pre-arranged channel deals like Action & Entertainment, Kids & Pop, and Sports & News for $64.99 a month. For the TV fanatics, $74.99 will get you over 255 HD channels and the option to add on the FiOS Gigabit Connection for an extra $20/month. An added bonus: there’s no need to pay any extra fees for installation, as Verizon foots the bill for you.


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Maybe you’re on a budget, maybe you don’t need lightning fast internet in your home, and maybe you’re not yet the type of person who streams television often. CenturyLink may be the option for you.

For high speed internet at a much lower cost, CenturyLink offers a plan that’s $45/month for life. This means no sneaky hike in prices, no calls with customer service agents upselling you, no tricks on your bill — just broadband internet for $45/month for life with no contract. If you do want higher speeds, the same offer stands but for $65/month (100-140 mbps).

Many people go with CenturyLink because of their attention to those with accessibility needs. For those have difficulty speaking or being understood, CenturyLink offers Speech-to-Speech through their home phone options. Need to cancel? No big deal. CenturyLink will never charge you for cancellation. Additionally, CenturyLink is available in 36 states so you’ll likely be eligible for this great service.