Our Favourite 4 Eyeliners to Carry around your Purse

By mlemelin - January 04, 2018

Eyeliner is likely more sophisticated now than it ever has been before. Gone are the days of thick, messy, smudgy liner that looked just okay when you walked out the door, but twenty minutes later made you look like a raccoon walked through a rainstorm. Not only are liners better than ever, there are so many more options now. Felt-tipped, liquid, pencil, gel, and of course they all come in a variety of colors that make our crayon boxes envious.

NARS Eyeliner Stylo


This super fine felt-tipped eyeliner is easy as pie to apply. A few short strokes and you’re looking like Adele on Grammy night. If you’re on the hunt for long-lasting liner that stays put, you’re in luck. Eyeliner Stylo provides 24-hour wear, but can also be easily touched up. Coming in black, grey, and blue, NARS Eyeliner Stylo dries quickly, doesn’t flake, and won’t stain. Bonus: because NARS cares about your precious eyes, the formula is ophthalmologist-approved.

NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner


This NARS pencil liner gives you a long-lasting lined look and comes in a whopping 11 colors to choose from, so you’ll never be left without options. When you’re in a rush and need precision plus an easy-to-apply liner, this one is for you. In classic NARS fashion, this liner is budge-proof and will last up to 12 hours. An extra special feature of this pencil is that you never have to sharpen it — just twist the bottom and, voila, more liner! No need to search around the bottom of your makeup bag for that little sharpener.

MAC Rollerwheel Liquid Liner


This liquid liner may look like a futuristic pizza cutter, but it’s actually a very innovative design of a classic makeup product. The rolling motion makes it easy to apply, so this product is perfect for new liquid liner users. Let the wheel do all the work creating that crisp line, and you’ll be out the door looking glamorous in no time. Colors include black matte, black, blue, and brown.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner


Winner of the 2017 Allure Reader’s Choice Award, this brush tip liquid gel liner hybrid is becoming a staple of eyeliner wearers everywhere. Being vegan and cruelty-free are just some of the reasons why this liner is so great. The highly pigmented formula (in black and brown) lasts up to 24 hours, and is both waterproof and transfer-resistant. As it’s made up of 325 flexible bristles that form a tight point, the precision brush tip creates super fine lines, meaning that you can layer as much as you want for the exact look you desire.