Best Luxury SUV in 2019

By Psquared - March 21, 2019

For shoppers looking for the perfect blend of comfort, space, technology and of course, high performance, nothing beats luxury SUVs.

Some of these brands may not have been top of mind for consumers in the category of luxurious vehicles but their manufacturers have upgraded these models to have an incredible price to value ratio that will convince any doubters in looking twice.


Credits: autoweek

Baptized “Master of Muscle” by Dodge, this incredible vehicle packs a huge punch with it’s 6.2L HEMI v8 engine, pulling up to 8700 pounds with it’s hulking frame.

Not to be brushed aside is also it’s amazing interior with its Apple Music integration, on-board 7-inch touchscreen, passenger seat dual-screen entertainment system and multi-driver setting memory functionality.

Definitely worth the test drive, the $30,500 MSRP is also quite compelling.



If you’re like us, you’re probably seeing more and more of these on the road and the reasons are increasingly clear: starting at $27 000 MSRP, this multi-function luxury SUV can accommodate all types of drivers, from local shoppers to the long distance warriors.

Similar as the previous model we discussed, the Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with Apple CarPlay compatibility, Uconnect 4 Multimedia Centre and 7-inch touch screen and amazing options to upgrade the look and feel of its interior.

The performance is the real kicker here: 37mpg on highway driving, one of the best in its class, towing 4500 lbs with 271 HP engine.


Credits: youtube

Always on the list of luxurious cars, Land Rover offers consistent high-level quality in the midst of what can be seen as the most competitive sub-category in the automotive market.

The Land Rover Discovery model starts at $66 000 MSRP, clearly an uptick from the other 2 models, however, it is easily justifiable when we analyze its key features:

Versatile design with configurable seven-seat layout, intelligent Seat Fold allowing to modify the 2nd and 3rd rows using the touchscreen or even your smartphone! Their ingenious infotainment system offers support for driving, parking and towing situations with state of the art navigation technologies.

Passenger will fill an immense amount of space, surprising for the size of the vehicle and how many seats it has. We specifically love the cabin air ionization reducing allergens, viruses and bacterias from the vehicle.


Credits: sandbergvolvocars

Last but definitely not least on our list, is the Volvo XC90. Touted as one of the safest vehicles on the planet, we tend to appreciate much more than its solid casing. It’s the perfect blend of strength and elegance, all in one gorgeous vehicle.

The interior is built with the finest natural materials, combining them with intuitive technology making any drive a smooth experience. The minimal aesthetics reminisce of the its Scandinavian origins makes the passengers feel at ease in the uncluttered environment it offers.

The T8 twin engine offers electric-only, zero emission travel, keeping the CO2 emissions in the ultra-low levels. But don’t be fooled, this hybrid engine packs huge torque, offering a powerful yet flexible drive.