Best 4 meal delivery services

By Daniel Tremblay - January 18, 2018

Back in the old days, you could only really order pizza. There really wasn’t anyone delivering hamburgers, hot dogs, or tacos. Just pizza, really.

Before too long, fast food joints and reputable restaurants alike started to understand: there’s money in delivery. Suddenly, you could order burgers, hot dogs, and tacos — and then some. Fast forward to now, where you could pull your smartphone out of your pocket and have any item from any of the world’s cuisines at your door in less than 40 minutes.

Yes, we live in a great day and age, and are spoiled for choice when it comes to what we want to eat when we order in. We’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to services we can easily employ to either get ingredients, pre-made meals, or delivery food to our doors. Below you’ll find a few of them.



You’ve most likely heard of Postmates, but if you haven’t, it’s essentially a great many delivery options in the same place. Postmates drivers and riders are connected to a region’s participating restaurants to serve as food delivers; the interface on your smartphone or desktop shows you the restaurants in your area that are currently delivering. You pick what you want and customize it as you wish, pay, and Postmates does the rest.

Uber Eats


In much the same vein as Postmates, Uber Eats connects local Uber drivers to participating restaurants in a general area (such as a region of a large city, a small city, or a town) so that if and when they’re not ferrying passengers to and from their various jobs, meetings and appointments, and whatever else, they can deliver food. Sometimes, Uber Eats options and Postmates options in a given area will overlap; sometimes, restaurants will choose which option they want delivering their items.



Berlin-born Foodora operates in 10 countries and offers much the same model as has been described above; it’s included on this list because it is one of the biggest non-American food delivery services in the world, and operates in countries where Postmates and Uber Eats may not operate. Other services that fit this bill are Skip the Dishes, Just Eat, and Deliveroo.

Blue Apron


Services like Blue Apron aren’t exactly the same as getting food delivered. Yes, Blue Apron delivers food to your door, but there’s often an extra step in their process: you have to cook it. Blue Apron recently took the country by storm. Its novel approach to meal delivery and fantastic marketing propelled it to the top of the heap.

The general idea is this: instead of having a restaurant meal prepared for you, put in a takeout container, and sent to your door by way of a delivery driver, Blue Apron orderers are using their smartphone to buy the ingredients to make a great meal and step-by-step instructions (a recipe, prepared by a real chef) on how to do that.

Blue Apron connects farmers to chefs to ensure sustainable, top-shelf ingredients and inventive, healthy recipes that keep portion control in mind. Its service also comes complete with a smartphone interface that’s hard to top. It is a heck of a service, and one you should try. While to some it may sound like simple grocery delivery, we can assure you it’s very much not.