How to Save on Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

By Tatyana Olychenko - March 27, 2018

You may not have heard this but the rainforests are depleting. Even though we are becoming a digital society, paperless even, we still consume the natural resource at an alarming rate. Landfills are filled to the brim with paper products; recycling centers can’t keep up with consumption and waste; and as digital and paperless as we convert, it’s difficult to see how toilet paper or paper towels will stop being part of our daily routine.




Big Spenders

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The United States consumes more paper per capita (over 500lbs. annually) than any other country. Over six billion dollars worth of toilet paper are used every year in the United States, also more than any other country in the world. Each American uses an average of 50 lbs of toilet paper per year, or 57 squares of toilet tissue every day.

Big Wasters

But that’s not our only paper waste; 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used each year. That’s a lot of spillage! In fact, it’s over 45 pounds of paper towels per person, per year.

Besides the environmental cost, the cost on your budget increases yearly as well. So how do we balance the needs of the earth with the realities of our wallets? Well, we’ll leave conservation for another day, but in terms of saving money on TP and PT, we can help.


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Maybe those aren’t the most practical solutions. But there are other ways to save on toilet paper:

  • Pay attention to the price per square foot per package and compare judiciously.
  • Figure out if ultra-soft is worth the investment.
  • Shop around and buy in bulk.
  • Check online retailers like Amazon for deals.
  • Check brand sites for coupons.
  • Check your favorite coupon sites for deals.

As for paper towels, well, you could consider spilling things less often. Since that’s impractical and perhaps improbable, here are a few more helpful suggestions in addition to the toilet paper suggestions above, which are certainly applicable:

  • Use reusable rags.
  • Use a wet-dry vacuum when possible.
  • Make the kids stay outside.

Follow these simple steps, and the rainforests will thank you!