The Best SUVs Available in 2020

By JP - June 03, 2020

Every year, large car manufacturers refresh their line-ups to the great joy of car lovers. SUVs
have increased in popularity (you can tell by their growing numbers on the highway or city
streets) thanks to their useful sizes, engine power, and at times, fuel efficiencies. If your lease is
up or your current vehicle is about to give up the ghost, you have an opportunity to refresh
your driving experience with the latest and greatest the market has to offer. We thought it
would be valuable for us to list the top alternatives currently waiting for you in dealers’ lots:

Toyota is definitely a top consumer favorite. Its affordability and fuel efficiency
make it a top selection for families and consumers looking to get the most bang for their
buck. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the model:

It looks tough

Toyota went ahead and took heed of the market’s request: make the darn thing look
solid! The new grill is more aggressive, the benders are larger, and the wheels have
been redesigned to fit in the new hulk-like carcass.

Features exclusive to hybrids

For those looking to protect Mother Earth by using a more fuel-efficient engine, Toyota
has rewarded you with exclusive interior design features that are sure to make you feel
special, and make your vehicle look luxurious: a custom black mixed fabric and softex
front seats, as well as blue accents across the whole SUV.


Ok, let’s start with the towing power: this unit can pull up to 3500 lbs, packing a whole
lot of torque. Now the hybrid models might have a bit of a different pull, to be
confirmed with your specific dealer. The trunk is already wide as it is, however, the 60/40 folding
rear seats are a nice addition for this extra space when you’re helping your friends

The first word that comes to mind when we’re looking at this SUV is “regal”: it is classy,
luxurious yet doesn’t compromise on the important stuff most people look for when
purchasing an SUV: power, space, and efficiency.


The basic model comes with keyless open and start, along with the custom-built
quiet tuning technologies blocking and absorbing most noise so your entire ride is as
peaceful as your last yoga session.


We’re talking space here, folks: the max cargo capacity with the 2nd row of seats fully
folded down is 1371L… or 48.4 cu.ft. I mean, you can fit your golf bag, tennis equipment
AND the kids’ hockey equipment at the same time without breaking a sweat.


Like Volvo, one of its main competitors, the Buick Encore has all you can ask for when it
comes to security: side blind zone, rear vision camera, and front/rear park assist, rear
cross-traffic alert and Onstar safety and security

Who knew Chevy could produce a desirable SUV? The brand’s iconic pick-up trucks can
be seen across the entire country, whether used for hard labor or just for
convenience. The good news is the same sturdiness and power can be found in their
Traverse SUV, growing in popularity.


This comes standard with a 3.6L v6 engine, which most car lovers will find attractive. A
lot of SUVs are v4s, basically adding a larger body on the same engine as a sedan
vehicle, compromising the power it could generate. Well, not on this unit, ladies and


Here, we’re talking up to 10 cup holders. I mean, how many do you actually need? We
know long drives call for multiple coffees so you’ll be well served here with the Chevy
Traverse. The car comes equipped with a 4G LTE Wifi hot spot (you just need to enable
it with your carrier), 8 passenger seating, active noise cancellation along with the Bose
premium audio system available as an option. A nice touch is the 7” onboard
entertainment system, allowing for easy navigation of all the options of the vehicle.

Definitely one of the category’s favorites, the Ford Expedition 2020 won’t let you down.
The advantage of having real competition in the market place is ensuring that players
like Ford are kept on their toes to deliver a phenomenal driving experience, which they
truly do with this model.

Key Features

10-speed transmission, 15 beverage holders (and here we thought the Chevy Traverse
10 was a lot!) and 18” machined-face aluminum wheels with magnetic-painted pockets
available with the heavy-duty trailer tow package on XL models.


This car has intelligent 4wd, electronically assisted power steering (no choice for a beast
this size), front and rear stabilizer bars, as well as a very useful trailer sway control, very
practical for folks running heavy-duty equipment.


An engine block heater is now standard, 25 gallons tank that will last forever with the 3.5L
ecoboost engine as well as hill start and descent electronic management tool for a truly
smooth ride amidst the muscle it’s packing.

As you can tell, the SUV marketplace is highly competitive which is fantastic for us
consumers looking to expand our experience with more features without necessarily
having to pay a whole lot more. We hope these indicators will help you navigate all
these wonderful options.