The Latest Diabetes Treatment Products

By djaffer - March 26, 2018

Science is constantly creating new technology to advance medicine. This is no different, and cutting edge diabetes treatment products are now available. Sure, every product claims to be the best new thing, but what actually works and is worth the money? Read on.

Dexcom G6

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Dexcom G6 will be available to Tandem, Insulet, and Open Source users. This new tech has a new no-calibration sensor and longer sensor life. The G6 will still have the same user-friendly information like the sensor graph, trend arrow, and current glucose level right on the home screen. Caregivers and parents can also monitor levels right from their phones because of the awesome Dexcom app.

Along with the Dexcom G6 comes a partnership with Verily. This small CGM sensor lasts up to 14 days and requires no extra calibration. While the new design is much sleeker than the current model, Verily is currently working on a model that will be the size of an M&M, which they hope to roll out around 2022.

Tandem’s t:slim x2 Insulin Pump

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Tandem’s t:slim x2 Insulin Pump has Bluetooth two-way radio. The product allows users to add Dexcom G5 (and G6 when it comes available) Integration, which is supposed to be the fastest way to monitor and dispense insulin. Later this year Tandem is hoping to release the Predictive Low Glucose Suspend feature. This intuitive addition to the already great product will make insulin delivery far easier than it is now. An exciting addition to this technology is the ability to update software for free, which previously could cost users thousands of dollars each time a new update became available. Tandem started rolling out its tech internationally in 2018, with Canada first on the list.


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Phone apps are also changing the game for diabetes treatment. The new mySugr Pro Bundle is currently $39.99 and includes unlimited test strips (shipped directly to your house), and coaching in the form of a diabetes educator. Later this year, mySugr is hoping to release their mealtime dosing calculator to make eating a breeze. The update may need to be prescribed by a doctor, so check their website for new information once the update becomes available in the US.

Wearable technology is getting more advanced seemingly every day. Fitbit and Dexcom have teamed up to create Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. The tech is available for Android and iOS users, and allows the consumer to sync up their device with the Dexcom app.


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With all the new tech coming in 2019 (and beyond), people living with diabetes can rest easy knowing it’s a snap to get equipped with some of the best products on the market. Of course, innovative technology is always being developed, so be sure to keep your eye out for the next best thing.