Top 4 Things To Consider When Buying Car Mats

By JS Paul - August 07, 2019

Car & truck floor mats are more important than we think. They help lengthen the life of your vehicle by protecting its interior from external products that may generate rust and stains, as well as protect the electronics from deteriorating. Here are a few important things to consider before making your purchase:

  1. Thread-Size: Let’s not beat around the bush here, size matters. The thread provides grip, and a way for liquids to gather and be easily removed from the car. There’s nothing more annoying than car mats that do not hold your feet properly, even when wearing big work or winter boots.
  2. Plastic or Carpet? This will really depends on your lifestyle and how you use your vehicle. Rule of thumb: if you live anywhere near snow, you’ll want some plastic or vinyl mats, which makes them quick to clean. However, if you live in a more dry climate, carpet might be your best option, mainly for comfort purposes.
  3. Overall size:Do the mats fit right up to the edges of your floor? If not, you might want to consider getting a bigger size as it may save you from little pesky over-spill, above the rim of the mat and onto the floor of the car. Accumulate enough of these and you might find yourself dealing with rust.
  4. Price: You can always spend the $900 needed to get the laser-cut, custom Porsche mats, however we do recommend doing your research as many brands offer great pricing and deals, whether online or at your favourite hardware store.