Top 4 Things to Consider When Buying New Bedding

By JP - August 12, 2019

Sleep is important. Period. Yes, we know a lot of rich people claim to sleep 2 hours a night and Navy Seals do it with their eyes open. But today, that’s not us. Nope. Today we’re talking sleep, folks, real good restorative sleep. And it starts with bedding.

Not to be messed with, bedding can make the difference between knock-you-out snoozes or twist-and-turn nights of pillow warfare. Don’t skim on this one! You need the best product you can get. Here’s a short Top 4 list of things to consider when shopping for new bedding:

  1. Thread count: It may seem like a small detail but it has the biggest impact. The thread count is how much thread per square inch a sheet will have. Some sheets have between 200 to 800, however, the most comfortable sheets (in our humble opinion) have 1000 or more. This does affect warmth as well, just FYI.
  2. Size: Obviously obvious, however, we want to be sure you don’t make a mistake here: Buy bedding that fits your mattress size, people! Read the small print.
  3. Color & Material: Sadly, there isn’t a “one-material-fits-all” type of product. This is where your area’s climate will dictate what kind of bedding you get: weather wool, cotton, polyester, and so on. However, we can say that cotton is extremely versatile and when paired with a big comforter, it can serve double duty in winter and in summer. The color will also have an impact, oddly enough, as darker colors may feel a little warmer.
  4. Price: The variance here is staggering! You can find sheets for $50 as easily as those unicorn prices above $1000. A lot of people swear by Pottery Barn products. We do as well! You’ll find Macy’s, Amazon and Pottery Barn themselves sell these products online. Their competitors, of course, offer great products too. Just make sure to do your research before buying anything!