Top 4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Vegas Trip

By JS Paul - August 07, 2019

Vegas has something for everyone: food for foodies, drinks for cocktail aficionados, shows for art lovers, and, of course, thousands of shops for fans of blowing their credit limit on fancy-schmancy stuff. With just a bit of planning, your few nights on The Strip can turn into an amazing vacation, one that you’ll want to repeat over and over again (as the author here has done many a time…). Here are a few things to consider when planning your trip:

  1. Hotel: Lack of choice is definitely not an issue here! Quite the contrary, there’s enough variety to cater to any preferences: luxury at Wynn & Encore, kitsch at Flamingo, party town at Planet Hollywood and Cosmopolitan, resort vibes at Mandalay Bay, and so much more! Our personal favorites are Mandalay Bay for its many pools and Caesar Palace for its choice of food.
  2. On-Strip or Off-Strip? If you ask us, definitely stay on The Strip. The walk itself can be very entertaining and people-watching opportunities abound. Because we all know: what happens in Vegas repeats itself in Vegas.
  3. Time of Year: So far we’ve had the chance to visit Vegas in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Yes, we’ve been that many times. Are we experts? Depends who you ask, but so far, our favorite season has been spring. The weather’s still tolerably cooler than summer, future vacationers are still plowing away at their desks while counting the days ’til they can join in on the fun, and everything’s “on” – shows, restaurants, excursion options abound! One thing’s for sure: stay away from Vegas during CES unless you enjoy sharing your epic vacation buffet with 150ooo suited business people!
  4. Price: Vegas provides two extremes when it comes to budget: choose to go for dirt cheap just as easily as opting for remortgaging your house 5 times just to afford one night at a high-end club. Our recommendation is this: don’t dismiss the possibility of heavily discounted prices on those luxurious experiences you’ve been craving. Hotels are always hungry for customers in the off-seasons so steep rebates are easier to find during those times. This makes their typical exorbitantly-priced rooms now perfectly affordable for the common folk, like us. You won’t be surprised to hear us remind you: research, research, research!