Top 4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Moisturizers

By Donna Clark - August 13, 2019

There are as many moisturizers as there are humans. Ok, slight exageration but it sure feels that way when walking down the aisle of a store or when shopping for the best brands online:

The good news is that they all follow a few basic principles that we have made into a short list for you. Here are the Top 4 things to consider when shopping for a moisturizer:

  1. Skin Type: Not all moisturizers are created for the same purpose. If you have a dry skin, you’ll want to go more towards the ointments. Creams being thinner are great for regular skin. Lotions are known as the lightest of them all, perfect for oily skins out there.
  2. Time of day: Experts recommend using lighter oils in the morning, thicker ones at night. Your skin will have more time to absorb the product as it’s not constantly in motion while you crush your hectic schedule.
  3. Health: A lot of moisturizers provide additional benefits such as sun protection and antioxidants. Go with at least SPF 30 and see if green tea is used in the product, as it is known to be great with removing free radicals from your skin, keeping its health for longer.
  4. Price: We hate to say it but you do end up getting what you pay for in the world of moisturizers. Going cheap is definitely not the best solution if you’re looking for the highest impact. Do your research online as large brands do offer deals once in a while.