Top 4 Things To Consider When Shopping for Outdoor Furniture

By Psquared - August 12, 2019

Outdoor furniture can be an important part of someone’s home, whether it’s for entertaining guests, finding relaxation or having another dining room outside the house. Shopping for it can’t be a daunting task since the price tags aren’t the smallest and the selection is quite broad.

We’ve compiled a short list of 4 things to consider before making your final decision:

  1. Size: Obviously, the size of your back yard or patio will determine how large your outdoor furniture will be, however, more importantly, your intended use of it is even more important. Will you invite guests? Will you use this only for you and your family? Do you intend to take naps (serious question here folks) or work on that furniture? We personally prefer more space in case additional people show up to our parties, as has been the case many times over the years (yeah Bob, looking at you now).
  2. Material: If you afford it, we would encourage you to stay away from plastic or metal. Main reason: maintenance and comfort, which both of these aren’t known for. Now resin is not only easy to clean, but somehow provides a better “homey” feel, is impervious to weather and definitely feels more comfortable.
  3. Weather: Not to be overtly obvious here but know your climate. Dry weather can make wood splinter, tons of rain will make your metal set rust, wind make your light aluminum fly off, etc… etc… Online stores will provide you with a quick way to view prices for each of these materials and help you make a better decision for your geography.
  4. Price: This is where the consumer is in control. Well kinda, but seeing that wayfair, amazon, homedepot, walmart etc… are all competing for your wallet, and that end of season (and of course, beginning of season) deals are abounding, we would say, do a little of research and you can score yourself up to 40% off in some cases.