Top 4 Things To Know About Arthritis Treatment Medication

By JS Paul - August 13, 2019

Arthritis is not only painful, but it is also quite complex: there are a know 100 forms of it, going from osteoarthritis, to gout and to psoriatic and the most common, rheumatoid. You can then imagine that the list of treatment and medication available to help soothe the pain, is just as extensive.

But fear not, we build you a short list of the top 4 things to know about arthritis treatment medication:

  1. Basic pain killers: Yes indeed, analgesic medicine is used to help treat pain symptoms however they cannot help remove the swelling and inflammation that come with the condition. One thing to keep in mind as well is that although some of these are available over the counter, they can have a nasty effect on your liver if taken in great quantity. Doctors can prescribe opioid-based medication, which are powerful pain removers, but do carry the risk of addiction.
  2. Corticosteroids: They are often used to help treat inflammation as they act like cortisol, a hormone produced by your body. The relief they bring is appreciated by a lot of patients, keep in mind they can increase your weight and blood pressure.
  3. DMARDs: If you have rheumatoid arthritis, your doctor will very likely prescribe you with Methotrexate, a known DMARD-type drug that slows down the effect of the disease on your joints. These can take a while to take effect, sometimes up to a month, so arm yourself with patience. Some people do have to combine them with other drugs to reach the desired outcome of pain relief and inflammation reduction.
  4. Price: We just touched the tip of the iceberg here, there are many more know treatment in the market. Do you research before accepting a prescription from your doctor and verify your options, some of these medications can cost up to $1000/month, so you want to make sure they will have the predicted impact.