Top 4 Things To Know When Selecting Your Supplemental Insurance

By Donna Clark - August 13, 2019

The market for health insurance is a highly competitive one, bringing opportunities for more effective pricing for consumers. However, there are “gotchas” that can significantly impact your finances, which top players in the industry are clear and transparent about.

Thankfully you got Top4Lists to support you on your search, here are the top 4 things to know when selecting your supplemental health insurance:

  1. Employers Plans: They are not necessarily the best, although easy to sign up for, and directly taken off your pay check. We highly recommend doing some shopping around before automatically taken your employers program. Comparisons sites are available on the web.
  2. Doctors: Well, to everyone’s surprise, not all doctors are covered! You’ll obviously want to confirm that your family doctor or GP is covered by the plan you’re interested in.
  3. Medication: Not all medications are covered. Some are partially covered, some simply not at all. If you do have prescriptions already, you’ll want to double check that these are covered as part of the plan before you sign up.
  4. Price: Price has two variables when it comes to supplemental health insurance. The first one is your monthly premium which can range from $200/month to much more depending on coverage. The second one is probably the most impactful: deductible. Most plans will have a diversity of ways to manage this but you can expect to have yours at a minimum of $1200 up to $2400 yearly as a deductible. Needless to say, do your research as this can be an important expenditure.