Top 4 2019 SUV Crossovers On The Market

By Daniel Tremblay - March 26, 2018

The era of the minivan is over. The successor to the oversized, wood-panelled behemoth station wagon served its time as a bridge in the evolution of the utility vehicle. Face it: No matter the era, our lives are complicated, grand experiments that must be facilitated by a utilitarian automobile. So while a full-sized SUV may appeal to our automotive fantasies, it is not always practical in reality. Enter the Crossover SUV, a relatively new addition to the SUV market, but essential to its evolution.

The Crossover SUV is the ultimate in functionality, practicality, and affordability, and the 2019 Crossover SUV market boasts an expansive array of options for even the most discerning buyer. Whether your desire is for the best Luxury Crossover, the best Crossover price, or simply the best Crossover SUV on the market, the marketplace continues to deliver.


honda, CRV, 2018, SUV

The best-selling Crossover SUV is the Honda CR-V, and the Japanese automotive giant’s 2019 offering promises to continue that trend. Boasting the best mix of affordability and performance, Honda’s contribution to the Crossover SUV landscape provides a baseline for the market. The second year of the CR-V’s fifth generation SUV promises a stylish and roomy cabin, good fuel economy, and handling, as well as the space and performance to handle the daily commute and off-road adventure.


kia sorento, crossover suv 2018

Kia has been a welcome addition to the market, and the Korean manufacturer’s Crossover SUV offering is further evidence of that pedigree. The Kia Sorento balances luxury and affordability with industry standard advanced safety and tech features. Kia’s industry reputation makes the Sorento a force to be reckoned with within the Crossover SUV market. Most models boast a 240-horsepower, 2.0L turbo four engine that will satiate the needs of any driver.



When talking about any luxury automobile, it’s imperative to include BMW. And in discussing luxury Crossover SUVs, it’s imperative to include the BMW X6 M, because there’s nothing not to like about an 8-cylinder engine and an 8-speed transmission in a vehicle which reaches 60mph in just 4.2 seconds. BMW’s X6 M is redefining the Crossover SUV market, though it merits mention that BMW prefers to call it a Sport Activity Coupe.


tesla, model X, suv, crossover

Now let’s talk about Tesla. Elon Musk’s ambitious automotive enterprise for the future entered the Crossover SUV market in 2016 with its Tesla Model X. The mid-sized, electric luxury Crossover SUV is built on Tesla’s platform of the evolution of the automobile away from the internal combustion engine, and it does not disappoint. P100D models reach 60mph in just 2.9 seconds and boast a whopping 762 horsepower. The 100kWh battery promises up to 289 miles of gasoline-free driving, while the 90kWh battery will make it to 257 miles on a single charge (the Model X 75D will get 238 miles). Who says electric is the future? Tesla argues it’s the present, and its contribution to the luxury Crossover SUV universe makes that argument.