What Are The Newest Arthritis Relief Solutions

By djaffer - March 27, 2018

Anyone who suffers from arthritis and osteoarthritis knows that flare ups can be debilitating. From swollen and frozen joints to barely being able to walk, arthritis can get in the way of everyday life and the enjoyment of it. But, take note: there’s hope for those who suffer. In the past few years, doctors and scientists have come up with new ways to relieve the pains caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis. Read on below to learn about new treatments and medications. A little bit of knowledge may go a long way towards helping you ask the right questions, and the right questions may well make it easier for you to stop suffering and start living again.


A new FDA-approved treatment is rocking the arthritis pain management world. A new method called cooled radio-frequency ablation might be a great option for those who are not quite ready for surgery. It also could work for those who don’t fit the perfect surgery candidate profile. Referred to as COOLIEF, it mitigates knee pain, and reduces the need for other medications. The technology uses radio frequency to target and mute pain signals.

Oftentimes typical arthritis treatment just doesn’t cut it for some, so this new treatment may be a lifesaver as far as pain relief goes. Arthritis sufferers can hopefully start getting back to the activities they love.


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Since there’s no cure for arthritis, doctors typically just try to manage pain. However, one fairly new drug aims to combat pain along with cartilage damage.

Bisphosphonates have previously been used to treat osteoporosis, but doctors believe that these drugs can be used to treat the cartilage underneath affected joints. The drug can be injected, or taken orally, and the studies done so far have shown that patients taking the drug either way have reported less overall pain.

If you’ve suffered from arthritis for some time, you’re probably familiar with methotrexate, an anti-rheumatic agent. Many people find that methotrexate works well for them, but there are also a significant amount of arthritis sufferers who don’t receive any relief from the drug. Recently, doctors have found that their patients experienced pain relief when methotrexate was combined with the enzyme inhibitor Tofacitinib. Tofacitinib blocks the enzymes responsible for Rheumatoid Arthritis pain.


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Many doctors who treat arthritis prescribe medication without sitting down to talk with their patients about how the pain affects their daily life. New studies are showing that classic pain management techniques combined with psychotherapy, exercise, and healthy eating, can make a huge difference in arthritis pain. Support groups, whether in person or online, are a great way to find new methods of coping with pain. Psychological and social support both go a long way when it comes to feeling positive about long-term pain management.